Tax Exemption At A Glance

Tax Exemption At A Glance

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot setup a company with offshore status (i.e. that is tax exempt) in Hong Kong. What you can do is to setup a limited company and then apply for tax exemption to obtain this status, otherwise profits will be taxed at usual rates (8.25% on first 2 million profits and 16.5% on profits made above that amount).

Our quick guide below will help you determine whether your intended or existing Hong Kong company is eligible, and how you can go about applying for tax exemption. Note Have 5 minutes to spare? We recommend reading our article Hong Kong Taxation System: How To Apply For Profits Tax Exemption? for a more detailed explanation of the application process.

Tax Exemption Hong Kong

Want to apply? Get a quote by filling in our accounting, audit and tax filing questionnaire by clicking the button below. Make sure to leave a comment indicating you wish to apply for tax exemption in the comments section at the end and we will get back to you accordingly.