Amount of capital

There is no minimum capital in Hong Kong. You can incorporate a company with 1 HKD as your capital. However, the usual practice is to incorporate a company with a capital of HKD 1,000 up to HKD 10,000 (for non-regulated activities) as it is the only way to distribute shares to several shareholders either the day you incorporate or later on.

A company having a share capital must report the details of its share capital to be registered and the amount of share capital to be taken by founder member(s) on the incorporation of the company. e.g. ABC Company Limited proposes to issue 10,000 ordinary shares on its formation. The total amount of the share capital to be subscribed by the founder members is HKD 20,000, of which the amount to be paid up or to be regarded as paid up will be HKD 10,000.

It is worth for companies that may issue a large amount of shares and foresee to pay up part of their shares after the incorporation. Usually, for standard businesses, the amount of paid up capital is the same as the amount of shares to be subscribed.

Share capital is not restricted to the HKD alone and can be expressed in any major currency.

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