Apply Duplicate/Replacement Corporate Records

Whether you need a new company kit to match your company’s new name, or if you need a replacement company kit and/or corporate documents we can help. Our fees depend on what type of record you need to order are as follows:

Duplicate Corporate Documents

Need a certified or plain copy of documents filed at the Companies Registry (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation, Incorporation Form NNC1, Articles of Association, etc) or your company’s latest Business Registration Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department? Our fees are as follows:

  • Obtain certified/plain copies from the Companies Registry or Inland Revenue Department: HKD750/per authority
  • Disbursements: Subject to type document and how many copies you require.

Email us at with full details of what you require to confirm your order.

Company Kit (a.k.a. The Green Box)

The Company kit is a green box in which you will find:

  • A set of Articles of Associations (A&A)
  • The company’s records
  • The shares certificates notebook
  • The company’s chop, stamp and seal

It is not compulsory but it is a current practice in HK as banks always ask for a printed version of the A&A and may also ask for some documents to be sealed.

To obtain a Company Kit we can quote HKD750 handling fees + disbursements as follows:

  • Company Kit Fee: HKD450
  • Courier Fee: Subject to address.