Can I afford to incorporate and maintain a company in Hong Kong?

There's no denying the feeling you get when you are starting your very own business. You've got your idea, and you want to get it setup right away. Great!

But, before going any further, we'd like to give you a piece of advice; don't get caught up in the excitement.

Setting up a company is a long-term responsibility. Once set up that is not the end of it!

This short test will tell you whether you can afford setting up and maintaining your Hong Kong company.

Do you have the knowledge and ability to handle legal requirements for a Hong Kong company?

Do you have a Hong Kong based address for administrative purposes?

Do you know how to do proper accounting according to Hong Kong standards?

Will you employ staff in Hong Kong?

What is your estimated budget for annual maintenance of your intended company?

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LCCS - Should I incorporate my company in Hong Kong?