Company Limited by Guarantee

Company formation

We can assist you to set up a company limited by guarantee. Our fees depend on the service and the package you choose:

  • Package 1: HKD 7,000 [Company Formation only];
  • Package 2: HKD 8,500 [Company Formation + 1 year Company Secretary]; OR
  • Package 3: HKD 9,000 [Company Formation + 1 year Company Secretary + 1 year Registered Office].

+ Official government fees and other disbursements will also apply as follows:

  • Company Registry Incorporation fee: HKD 1,025
  • Business Registration fee: HKD 250 (from April 2019: HKD2,250 – HKD2,000 gvt waiver)
  • Company Kit: HKD 450
  • Postage fee: HKD 500

So, if you need our full package (3), it will cost you a total of HKD 11,225 which includes the incorporation of the company, 1 year of registered office and 1 year company secretary.

It takes 4-6 weeks to set up a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong. Learn more by referring to our article Setting Up a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong.

Transfer of an existing company
Our handling fee to transfer of an existing company is HKD5,000. Depending on the service chosen (Company Secretary and/or Registered Office), you are also required to pay for a 1-year subscription (annual renewal) as follows:

– HKD 2,000 / year for registered office and company secretary;

– HKD 1,500 / year for company secretary only.

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