iNCUBEE can handle payroll services and related issues such as MPF and labor insurance.

An employer is required to enroll employees on payroll. We can assist with the same including generating payslips. Our fees are as follows:

  • Registration* or deregistration of employees (per employee): HKD750
  • Monthly handling fee for each existing employee: HKD200** per month (charged on a quarterly basis)

*Fees include co-ordinating subscription to employer’s compensation Insurance and MPF scheme.

**Additional HKD200 applies for shall amendments to duly issued payslips be requested.

How it works?

iNCUBEE uses a cloud-based tool to prepare your company’s payroll which will allow you to:

  • Send notifications that a payslip has been issued to employees directly;
  • Give your employees access to their employee’s profile;
  • Give your employees access to their payslips online, where they will be stored;
  • Manage “leave” from the platform: Shall the superior of an employee (decision maker) be himself on the company’s payroll, and the employee is given access to “leave”, the employee will be able to request leave directly from the platform to his superior (automatically discounting days of leave when approved). For this particular feature, an additional fee will apply as follows: HKD220 for 5 employees + HKD45 per additional employee.


What do we need from you?

Let us know shall you wish to opt for the leave function above. If not, then to enable us to complete your company’s profile and employees’ profile, you need simply confirm the details of your employee as per an Employee Profile we will send you shall you confirm your order.

Finally, you can choose to provide a version of your logo if you would like it to appear on your employee’s payslips.

For more details get in touch by sending an email to


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